San Francisco


To reach China, which is literally on the opposite side of the world from Trinidad, you must either cross the Atlantic or the Pacific. We choose the later making San Francisco our gateway city. Now we have reached the point where we refuse to be rushed so we arrived in san Francisco a day early and did a little sightseeing.



The famous Golden Gate Bridge....check out the thickness of the cable!!



Alcatraz, now San Francisco's most popular tourist attraction.



The famous Pier 39 where for no apparent reason sea lions come to sun themselves and sleep.



Built "temporarily" for a World's Fair around 1900, The Palace of Fine Arts has been restored.




It is very a popular place for wedding photos




We timed our return trip to do some more sightseeing in San Francisco. This tree is over 1,000 years old!



The Giant Redwoods of California. Of course we accidentally brought one back to Trinidad!!



And this wall caught Sheila's fancy as we overnighted in Houston.