Beijing City


Beijing is amazing by day and spectacular by night. There are over 13 million people loiving there so you don't see many tourists. Everything is geared to the locals. Check out this street selling delicacies from all over China including BBQ squid!



Sheila declining my offers of BBQ eel!



There were dozens of giant billboards like this one advertising Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW etc.



Every where there were symbols of the upcoming 2008 Olympics which are to be held here. This is the famous "bird's next" stadium which is still under construction. Look at the size! It will hold 80,000 permanent seats and 110,000 provisional ones!




Here is a cut away model of another stadium and examples of original Beijing housing being preserved.



Electric Busses and bikes everywhere.



B&Q from UK, which Sheila helped to set up, and more Olympic posters.



Very modern wedding styles on sale.



...and hundred of brightly lit shops



Older men folk come out in the evening and just play old Chinese music on traditional instruments for the fun of it. Notice the guy standing with a battery powered amplifier around his waste. he was the "lead singer". The ladies meanwhile did a version of the fan dance in another street.



Sheila in front of the Catholic Cathedral and with a prize fruit hamper!



A giant scale model of Beijing...showing future development



and a series of aerial photos that you can walk on!



Shopping in the back street or "Hutongs" Not on the programme at all!




Furniture to die for.....but not cheap.



Our "private" car...which seemed to be a very good copy of a Benz!



Sheila with the "bulls" at the entrance to a hotel



And in front of a construction hoarding which had beautiful murals of the countryside stuck on them (Tommy Chanona take note!) and above the hoarding...the 3 storey workers accommodation.



...and dinner at another super restaurant.