What an amazing city. Famous because of its proximity to The Terracotta Soldiers but home for many millennia to millions of people


Our four star hotel was in a special hotel compound built in the days when heavy solid structures were the fashion. But right next door was a 5 star Soffitel as modern as anything you would find in the West


Your boy enjoying the warmed rice wine..... 

On our first evening in Xian we were treated to a fantastic display of music, dance and colour, all very Chinese but also very "digestible" to the Western ear.

And what wonderful dances they did...... and the colour !!! 


And you know we tourists want to see a dragon!! 


Xian is so old it has its own City Wall that can rival anything you see around the Forbidden Palace in beijing. 

With the most ornate rubbish bins on the top.... 

...which is so wide they have races along it with hundreds of people taking part. 

...and of course China has its poor side... just like all of our so called developed countries. 

...but they seem to try to make life nicer. Check out the central railings in the road..... or a shop that only sells handrails. 

...3 wheel motorbikes and modern cars... amazing collapsible fences.... 

...very modern looking high rise apartment blocks ...and 3 wheel trucks just to tote grass for their cattle

Super modern highways and flyovers.... but don't even try to read the signs.