Terracotta Soldiers


Now the Terracotta Soldiers Tomb is just mind blowing. But before you get there you have to see the factory where they are still made.

Now those work benches are exposed to the elements... so forget OSHA. And every soldier has a hand carved face. 

It will take this guy a month to paint that vase!...........and here you see the ones that are the same size as the real ones. Now I'm six foot, so the Chinese were a lot taller in those days. 

Look at the smile on that face....... and I had to stand on a box to take this photo!


Now this vase is twice as tall as Sheila... and costs TT$2 million or US$300,000 !! 

When you leave the factory there is another drive to the actual tomb area. Check out the new apartments! 


Past field after field of pomegranate..... 


...and then through lovely gardens to ...... 


A very traditional Chinese tea ceremony ... to fortify yourself for the amazing sight that lies ahead.

....and as you enter a hall the size of four football fields..... there they are... thousands and thousands of Terracotta Soldiers.  Remember each one is as big as I am.

...and what you are seeing here are the few they have rebuilt...because they were all smashed by the peasants after the emperor who created them died. 


...and every one is different. 

And remember this enclosed area is the size of two football fields wide by two football fields long. 

This is how they found the soldiers when they uncovered them And it is so recent, that the farmer that first discovered them is still in the Gift Shop autographing books about them. 

In fact they did find one complete statue...of an archer kneeling.

Sheila and I both agreed,  the Terracotta Soldiers of Xian should be counted as one of the Great Wonders of the World.