To describe our visit to China in one page is impossible. Even the "Articles" and the "Photos" barely scratch the surface. We went fully expecting to find a "grey" people, living "grey" lives in a wicked communist state. We never dreamed that capitalism could be alive and well in a single party state where the ordinary people have no votes.


But we met young and old people who certainly live a better quality of life than we have in many developing countries. We found cities we have never heard of with over 30 million people in each one, far, far larger than any city in the west. Indeed our ignorance of China really shocked us.


The articles on this web site try to convey a "sense" of China, and a sense of our own bewilderment as the self imposed views we had of China and communism, crumbled in the face of the evidence. But judge for yourself. Read the articles, look at the photos and come to your own conclusions. Enjoy....Peter & Sheila Quentrall-Thomas