Garden Club Membership

The Trinidad Garden Club's Membership Rules are to be found in the Constitution. It is important you are familiar with them. Click on the "Constitution" button on the left to read further. In addition to the Membership Rules, the Executive have prepared the following document for the guidance of Members wishing to propose a prospective member. The actual Membership Application Form may be obtained from members of the Executive.

Trinidad Garden Club
Membership Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to assist members in evaluating the suitability of persons they may know who have expressed an interest in joining the Garden Club.

To avoid embarrassment for members and for the club, members are urged to always discuss a personís suitability with senior members of the Executive before making any commitment to the person.

Typically the executive would consider the following points when assessing a personís suitability for membership. The list is not exclusive as various other criteria may be considered from time to time depending on the situation within the club.

1: What will the prospective candidate bring to the club? Will they be willing to serve on the various committees of the club? Do they have experience in administration or fund raising for example?

2: Do they have a garden suitable for hosting a visit by the Garden Club? Both the size of the garden and the location may be considered. While their garden may not have sufficient interest at this time does it have the potential to make a worthwhile visit?

3: Will they be able to attend a minimum of 50% of the functions of the club? As the membership of the club is restricted, it is no good having a member who is unable to attend meetings as they effectively prevent another person from joining and benefiting from the club.

4: Do they bring some other attribute to the club which would be welcomed by the executive and members?

5: Does the prospective member show a genuine interest and desire to engage in gardening and to learn about plants and plant culture generally?

6: Does the prospective member understand they will be interviewed by three members of the Executive and their approval is subject to a unanimous decision by the Executive Committee?

These Guidelines are NOT definitive and the emphasis on different aspects will change from time to time. They are issued solely for memberís information and guidance. Please always discuss a prospectís suitability with senior members of the Executive before making any commitments.

1st October 2005