Rupununi, Guyana

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Aishalton Hospital

The Cat is run fairly regularly but the Lister has been maybe a year without that belt. I'm sure it could use a general servicing - It is virtually impossible to keep a battery dedicated to a machine like that down there as they are so valuable for a variety of purposes that anything that is holding a charge is used on a radio/vehicle/ or elsewhere.

If the hospital does not have a decent supply of diesel (when the team is scheduled to arrive) we simply carry a drum or two in from Georgetown on the Bedford or get it in Lethem. The region (local government) has expressed willingness to support in this type of capacity - mostly lip service so far though.

As far as I know either can produce the power needed to run the hospital and they do have a switch over terminal - they are not synchronized.

Both are RAM purchases/donations. Mark and Jim know the most about the generators so they should have information on makes and models. Not aware of any maintenance logs but Jim or Mark might be. Report by Terrence 10Jan06


CATERPILLAR Generator (known as Dell)

Caterpillar by Perkins; Motor Arrangement # 103-8795
Sales Mod. 3064; Serial Number *4ZK05162*

Alternator Mod. 1945-S; S/N 2027397; 60 Hz 1800RPM

240V 150A PF1 KVA 36 KW 36 Phase 1
208V 124.9A PF .8 KVA 45 KW 36 Phase 3 ŖConnected this way.
480V 54.1A PF .8 KVA 45 KW 36 Phase 3

Generac Corp. Date 5/24/96; Mod. 96A 01945S or 95A?; Type CT036-X364.0D18BBSYY

Group Description Assy. #:
A Generator 93110
B Control Panel             96868 96845 91245
C Mounting Base           90447 90448 90449 91251
D Engine & Accessories 90598 90566 91237
F Compartment               91424 95360
G Wiring Diagram            90092 90116-90121

Fuel/Water separator 138-3100; Fuel/Water separator 159-6102

Oil filter 7W-2326-E:
Fuel shut off valve Barber Colman Co.Part # DYNC 70025-000-0-12 5095G255

LISTER Generator (known as KJ)

F.G. Wilson Engineering LTD 1995
Engine Block Lister-Petter Made in England

No. 4402672 LPW4A083
Gen. Set Mod. LD24/W2/SP; S/N A3788J/001

Voltage 220/110 3600RPM Phase 1 Rated power cont. 25KVA 25KW

Dell is in the building in back of the kitchen. KJ is in the building out by the water tower. There is a panel in the building where Dell is to switch between Dell and KJ.

Dell is 3 phase and is wired to supply all buildings. KJ is single phase and only supplies the necessary buildings.

Both Dell and KJ use about 2 gallons of diesel fuel per hour.

Dell had a new battery installed last March 05 but who knows if it is still there. The porters take any good battery they can find to use on the two way radio. We bought a new battery for KJ and it was left at the RAM shack last March. Terrance can tell you the status of this battery.

The people at the hospital run Dell occasionally. I believe that KJ was last run in Oct. 2004. I repaired several fuel leaks and then started the generator. We switched over the power to the hospital and ran KJ for about 15 minutes. Then we shut it down. We then tried to restart KJ and it never restarted. I donít know what the problem might be. When I returned on the next trip I found that the fan belt was missing. e-mail from Mark Moffitt on 26Jan06


1: Current operational status
2: Operating Records for prior years and last 12 months
3: Actual Need.
4: Possibility of utilizing generators better....i.e. community activities, internet cafe
5: Maintenance capability in Aishalton
6: Extent of Government and Regional help available with running costs.
7: Problems and solutions with "dry" wiring in hospital.



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