Rupununi, Guyana
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Regional Vice Chairman, Mr. Rudolf who described the need for water systems research, maintenance and training as an "urgent" one

The Regional Executive Officer (REO)  Desmond Kissoon, also enthusiastically welcomed any support on the issue. He said he should be able to find data on systems throughout the region but admitted that is would be out of date. He wants to discuss the project further when he gets back from town in about ten days.

Guyana Water Inc. GWI
Contact John Jacobus whose boss is Colin Sparman is the "Hinterland Engineer" at the Ministry - 225 3879.   Their boss is the Minister of Housing and Water whose name is Sheikbaksh and is based at 41 Brickdam, Stabroek.

Notes from meeting with the Lethem based  Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) “Hinterland Department” (HD) on Windmills and water projects in general. 
by Terrence Trapnell on  January 25, 2006

- Found out that they are separately funded from the “small towns department” that the three Lethem employees (ie Raymond) come under.

- They are funded by “DEFID”?  (apparently British Government Aid) while the Lethem crew is Ministry supported.

- All come under the Minister of Housing and Water.

- Name is John Jacobus at 772 – 2232,,  office is located at the old  Shell gas station.

- John believes that most of the windmills are Dempsters of various sizes but says there could be other types.  Will try to find a list from his bosses in town  (accuracy? up to date?).

- John expressed enthusiasm for any outside support/ assistance in general.

- Community complaints usually go first to the REO who may have more info.

- Says that parts are extremely difficult and would have to come through his ministry who’s funds for "the interior" are always limited. 

- The Hinterland Department has been running for about a year or less and is focusing on only ten communities in the North and Central sub-districts of the Region:  Nappi, Hiowa, Quatata, Fly Hill, and Kaikumbay in Central.   Toka, Aranaputa, Massara, Ruperti, and Wowetta in North.

- Their funding extends ONLY to these ten villages and no more.  (These two identified sub-districts are the ones most easily accessable with a vehicle.) 

- This means that that all other communities are essentially on their own as far as any GWI support goes.

- Is very interested in Community Training and says that their strategy is to have one or more village residence trained to maintain the systems.   Would very much encourage support/expertise on BASIC maintenance procedures.

- His ministry has apparently pledged financial support to conduct central training session for these persons (identified by their communities) and also to pay them a small stipend.

- John says that he, being new to the job, has very little direct knowledge on windmill/water pump/ and system maintenance.  Says Mr. Benn in Lethem and perhaps Steve Farria would have more experience.

Notes: On this first "water mission" taking down good information on current systems and problems will be a big first step - and then distributing the data to the above persons as well as  (GWI) will keep everyone in the loop. If anyone feels inspired, we can talk about working towards a maintenance training program for villagers - GWI has expressed interest in helping with funding and stipends for these individuals.

All these persons are aware of the idea in general and are very supportive of any efforts to assist. 

At some point we need to meet again with the REO, John and others to compare notes and come up with a more specific proposal/plan.  We need to discuss things like long term maintenance strategies (local vs. centralized), training, parts, etc. 

The Rupununi Chamber of Commerce:
Don Melville
Jeff Ware (long time RAM volunteer/supporter)



As at 10Jan96: Medex Joe Marco says:

-manufactured by "Beatrice Dempster"
-wind mill pump is working somewhat.
-overhead tank is indeed half full now and gauge corresponds.
-They have no spare diaphragms but can get them from Dadanawa - purchase the leather and fabricate them by hand apparently.
-according to some government evaluator they need a new "foot valve" which I guess is a check valve (2 1/4).

-requesting: PVC paste (is available in some form around here), and "water grease".

-the leak at the bottom of the tower is worse than it was and will need looking at. I personally think that if the tank was drained and this leak fixed properly, the pump might well keep up just fine. This was supposed to be done a year ago but I don't think they have a knowledgeable technician - my brother's the plumber, not me.

I can ask the Regional government if they have anyone that I can fly down there perhaps as it really needs to be done before anyone arrives. Could be another reason for an advanced maintenance party.

Tools: always best to bring what you think you need. Medex says he has a pipe wrench or two.
Report by Terrence 10Jan06

On Dec05. Jim Massengill noted: Michael is porter who replaces 3” dia leather diaphragms on wind driven well at Aishalton



1: List incl. make, model# and status of all Windmills in Rupununi
2: Manufacturers, local agents
3: Problems and proposed solutions
4: Need for maintenance training
5: Extent and type of assistance from Government


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