Rules of the Annual Parang Festival Competition - 2006




There shall be an annual Parang Festival, which shall normally comprise of ten (10) non-competitive performances; one (1) semi-final and one (1) final on the 16th of December 2006.




The Festival Competition shall be open to all groups whose membership is over two (2) seasons. To be eligible for this competition, groups wishing to take part must make at least five (5) festival appearances, one (1) of which must be of the two (2) compulsory venues. Groups who qualify from a semi-final, will advance to the Finals. Groups who qualify for the Final will be required to appear as rostered on the dates they have selected in order to maintain the quality of the show for the benefit of the patrons and sponsors.




(a)   All groups participating in the Annual Parang Festival must be financial members of the National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago before August 31st in any given year.

A list of group members shall be submitted by the fourth (4th) show of the Festival.

(b)    No persons will be permitted to perform with more than one (1) group during the Festival Season.




Groups participating in the Festival, including the competition should not have more than eighteen (18) members during their performances, whether performing or non-performing.




Instruments to be used by groups in the Festival Competition should be traditional and of an acoustic nature e.g. :- guitar, cuatro, mandolin, violin, flute, box bass, congas, skin drums, maracas, palitos, toc-toc, scratcher, cowbell, tambourine and double-bass.





Groups participating in the competition that is the Semi-finals and Grand Final will be required to perform the following on which they will be judged :-

(a)              a composition on the Annunciation

(b)             a composition on the Birth of Christ.



     (a)    One song of either (a) or (b) must be a new composition (both lyrics and melody).

     (b)    The new song must not be performed or aired publicly before the 31st August of the current year.




A minimum of twelve (12) minutes will be allocated for the performance of each group on stage during the competitive performances.


8.       JUDGES


The Executive Committee of the Association will appoint judges for the Festival Competition. The names of the selected judges shall be made available to ALL competing groups two (2) weeks before the competition.




There shall be a panel of seven (7) judges for the Final Competition




The system of judging to be put in place shall be for the highest and lowest marks of the judges in the panel of seven (7) to be eliminated with the aggregate of the marks of the other judges to be the mark awarded to each participating group and this shall be the final mark.




Each group will be required to submit three (3) copies of the lyrics of their compositions on the Annunciation and the Birth of Christ for use by the judges in their deliberations. This should be submitted before their performance in the Festival Competition and may be retrieved immediately upon completion of their performance.





(a)              Criteria for judging :- (Groups will be judged on the following)

                (1)   Stage Presentation .. Ten (10) points      

  (2)   Lyrical Content ... Forty-five (45) points

                (3)   Authenticity of Music . Thirty-five (35) points

  (4)   Quality of Music . Ten (10) points


(b)             Stage Presentation :-


        Dress (costume) synonymous with the occasion.

        Any form of stage performance that will enhance the presentation and relative to the enjoyment of the patrons and judges.


(c)              Lyrical Content :-


         The lyrics of the composition on the Annunciation and the Birth of Christ must be applicable to the stories being told. Emphasis should be placed on the proper pronunciation of words and the maintenance of the story-line.


(d)               Authenticity of Music :-    


        The music played must maintain the authenticity of the Aguinaldo flavour.

        The music played must maintain the rhythmic parang beat.


(e)                Quality of Music :


         Music played must give effect to rhythmic and tonal qualities.


(f)                 Comments of Judges :-



         Comments of each judge will be written on the appropriate comment sheet and will be made available within forty-eight (48) hours of any Festival performance.




13.        STAGE CONTROL


During the presentation of groups in the semi-finals or finals stage of the Festival Competition, there shall be appointed a Stage Marshall whose duty will be to ensure that the performing group adheres to the rules of the competition.


The Stage Marshall will ensure that bands on stage :-

(a)          Do not exceed the maximum number of playing members.

(b)         Do not have any direct jacks or plugged-in instruments, except for one lead instrument.

(c)          Present only acoustic-type instruments for their performance, except as defined in (b).

(d)         Do not infringe any other stated rules or regulations.

The Stage Marshall shall signal the acceptance of the status of the band to the judges who shall then indicate their readiness to have the band present their selections to be judged.

The judges shall be mandated to penalize performing bands for breaches of the under-mentioned rules.




            (1)    Ten (10) points shall be deducted for failing to appear in the position that they selected.

            (2)    Ten (10) points shall be deducted from groups who perform for more than twelve (12) minutes.

            (3)    Any band(s) appearing with more than eighteen (18) members shall be disqualified.

            (4)    Any band(s) using more Than one (1) plugged-in instrument during their    performance will be disqualified.

            (5)   Any band which does not perform a new composition will be disqualified.

            (6)   Any band which uses any instrument which is not on the approved list during their performance will be disqualified.

            (7)   Any group who include performers other than those on the list supplied as stipulated in item 3, will be disqualified.

            (8)  Breaching any other rules may lead to disqualification.


15.             Protest


No protest will be entertained after forty-eight (48) hours.