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We Handle All Indigenous Birds and Wildlife

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What kinds of animals does WORC deal with?

A. Are there any kinds of animals we don't treat? We have experience rehabilitating bats, opossums, owls, osprey, songbirds, frigate birds, agouti, snakes, lizards.... ! Virtually any species native to Trinidad and Tobago could end up in our facility. 

Q. Wow, that sounds really interesting, do you need volunteers?

A. Indeed, we can always use volunteers. Enthusiasm can be put to use in keeping clean the teaching birds' cages, in feeding and general upkeep of our mouse colony, in changing bandages of injured animals, and in a host of other activities.


Q. I can't physically volunteer my time and energy, but I think your organization is providing a great service. How else can I help?

A. Running an emergency hospital and feeding injured and recuperating animals costs money. We are a charity organization and rely on donations to keep doing what we're doing. Any monetary donation or a donation of supplies would go a long way in supporting our cause. Please use the information at the top of the page to contact us.

Q. Do I need to be worried about avian flu if I rescue a wild bird?

A. Worried, no. Vigilant, yes. Your risk of coming into contact with an infectious form of the avian flu virus is low. Minimize your risk by washing your hands after handling a wild bird. Learn more about this disease in our News section.

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