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Veterinary Support

The North West Veterinary Clinic on Mucurapo Road, Woodbrook, provides our attending Veterinary support. The senior Partner, Dr Hatto Pidduck, BSc., DVM, MRCVS. is experienced in avian medicine, and has performed numerous intricate surgeries on a wide variety of wild birds brought to him, and Dr. Kathy-Ann Pyke's preference for livestock has translated well into treating agoutis and other small mammals. The other attendant Vets also participate in the the treatment of cases. The Clinic acts as a collection point for incoming casualties.

The Veterinary School, a component of the Eric Williams Medical Center Complex, performs our pathology and we have benefited greatly from the vast experience of Professor John Cooper, who is internationally respected for his work with wildlife. Dr. Gabriel Brown, specialist in poultry, has treated, and advised on, difficult cases. Such cases offer the students an opportunity to treat wildlife patients and observe the follow-up recuperative care which they would not otherwise see in the course of their studies.

The Veterinary affiliates of the Florida Wildlife Rehabilitation Association, of which we are a Member, have also been invaluable for their opinions and suggestions when we have referred problem cases to them.

 Other Veterinary Clinics around the country refer clients and casualties to the Center.


Veterinary contacts:

  • The Northwest Veterinary Clinic
    59 Mucurapo Rd.
    Ph. # 24 hour service.
    During working hours:  622 3356
    After hours:  625 LISA
  • The Mount Hope Veterinary School
    Dr. Gabriel Brown, DVM.
    Phone:  645 2640 - 9
    Ext. # 4228
    e-mail: gbrown@fms.uv.tt

    Professor John Cooper, DTVM, FRCPath, FIBiol, FRCVS
    Ext. # 4233
    NGAGI@vetaid.net, or