The stores now seem to be selling all types of decorative holiday lighting but whilst you are busy buying to ensure everything is bright for the festive season, you should be aware of certain safety tips to keep you and your family safe from potential hazards.

·      Before plugging in previously used light strings inspect them carefully for worn insulation or bare or frayed wires.  Do not attempt to repair any that show signs of damage – throw them away!

·           Unplug strings before replacing burnt out bulbs.

·           Only use indoor lights inside and outdoor lights outside.

·           Never overload electrical outlets.  Do not string more than 3 sets of lights per extension cord.

·           Never string indoor lights under carpets or behind drapes.

·           If you use a ladder to hang outdoor lights, be careful to avoid overhead lines when setting up your ladder.

·           If you connect light strings to extension cords outdoors, keep the connections dry by wrapping them in tape or plastic.

·           Always turn off Christmas tree lights before leaving the house or going to bed.

·           Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and maintenance.

Once all your lighting is in place fill your home with colourful decorations, seasonal flowers and sprays. 



 Hopefully, this combination of rich, opulent colour will make a Christmas at home to remember.