Christmas can be a very stressful time of the year but there are ways of staying same!


·                    The season would not be the same without children – it is their excitement that makes this time of year so magical.  Instead of worrying about all the chores you have to do, celebrate the special parental privilege you have and enjoy sharing the Christmas spirit with the children

·                    For most children the excitement of Christmas is the anticipation so include them in the buying and wrapping of gifts and the preparing of the food and don’t feel upset if you cannot afford expensive presents for them.

·                    Make your Christmas day enjoyable for everyone by encouraging the playing of games – get every family member involved and make it a day to remember.

·                    A child who received gifts all year round learns not to value these things and he will lose his sense of wonder of new things.  Learn to say “no” during the year and this will make gifts at Christmas special and meaningful.

·                    Christmas is noisy and children can become over exited.  Let them have their fun but, for everyone’s sanity, designate quiet times during the day.  Don’t bother to reason with children under 3 – they don’t have the facility.  Just ban presents that make loud noises!!

·                    If you have a “combustible” family member that you can’t avoid, think about what triggers your arguments with them and avoid those topics.

·                    Don’t try to please everyone!  Learn to negotiate compromises so that everyone gets some of what they need to make their Christmas happy.

·                    If you are a single parent the festive season can be extremely stressful.  The key is to plan ahead and surround yourself with people who love you, even if they are not family.  Make sure your children know in advance what the holiday plans are and ask for their feed back about what they would like to do. 

·                    If you find yourself home alone at Christmas fill your day with the things you never normally have the time to do such as the luxury of sleeping late or cooking a delicious breakfast and eating it in bed whilst reading a pile of your favourite magazines .  Rent that video  you have always wanted to see.  Give yourself a facial, enjoy an expensive bottle of wine and use this time to think of everything you would like to do next year.


May you have a very special Christmas.