It has been a busy party schedule;  the New Year’s revelries are looming on the horizon  but already  you are beginning to feel a little ”delicate” !


Hangovers are no fun but every day at this time of the year scores of people wake up to a spinning room, a thumping headache and the “I will never drink another drop”  pledge.   The good news is that you do not have to be teetotal to avoid a hangover although drinking in moderation is always advisable.  Here are a few guidelines which will enable you to enjoy a few drinks and still feel good the next morning.


·                    Drink water.  One of the main reasons for a hangover is dehydration. Try and drink as least as much water as alcohol.  Lots of water before going to bed is also a good idea.

·                    Eating while drinking also reduces the absorption of alcohol and a drink of milk really will line the stomach.  If you can, eat a good meal before you go out, and this is especially relevant on New Year’s Eve when celebrations last well into the early hours and food is often neglected.

·                    Many people who are headache prone from drinking alcohol will say that they suffer far more with red wine than white and there is a valid reason for that.  Headaches are often caused by a reaction to certain chemical substances found in black grape skins, so if you are a sufferer stick to white wine. Also, the better quality the wine the less likely the hangover.

·                    A sure way to worsen your hangover is to mix your drinks so if you have been drinking spirits, avoid wine with dinner

·                    Mood swings can also determine how drinking affects you.  Increased adrenalin pushes alcohol through the system much faster.  Therefore feeling deeply depressed or ecstatically happy makes you drunk faster.


If you do find yourself with a hangover there are a number of cures.


·                    “Hair of the dog”.  Strangely this can be effective.  A great mix is Bucks Fizz (champagne with orange juice) or a Bloody Mary (tomato juice and vodka).

·                    Exercise.  This helps you sweat the alcohol out of your body.

·                    Avoid fizzy drinks as they increase the amount of blood getting into the blood stream.

·                    Food.  Carbohydrates such as bread and pasta will raise the blood sugar level and leave you feeling human again.  Bananas are a wonderful option as they contain carbohydrates, potassium and Vitamin C.

·                    Vitamin supplements. Alcohol destroys Vitamins C and Vitamin B complex.  Try taking Vitamin B complex before drinking and before going to bed..

·                    A brisk walk in the fresh air


Try and be sensible with your alcohol intake but, if you have had too much, do not drive home.  Designate a driver before the start of the evening or organize a taxi.


Wishing you a safe, merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.