A Feast For Fatherís Day


For an unusual treat for Father this year why not help the children organize a surprise picnic in the garden to celebrate his special day, incorporating a red, black and white theme in support of our football team.


         Adorn the lawn or driveway with festive touches such as red, black and white balloons tied together with miniature T&T flags.

        Arrange pots of red and white anthuriums around the picnic area.

∑        Display bright red bottled drinks in a clear glass bowl with plenty of ice

        Set the table with a snowy white cloth decorated with the national flag as the centre piece.  Trim the corners of the cloth with flowing red ribbons and hot-glue red and black beads onto clear glass votives.

        Ask the children to make place settings using white card decorated with red and black designs. 

        Place a clear finger bowl at each setting, filled with water, shiny  black pebbles and float red petals on the surface.

        Place red and black berries in a pitcher of iced water and add scented herbs to make a fragrant, non-alcoholic drink.

        If the man of the house has a hammock, make it more inviting with the addition of a collection of cushions temporarily trimmed with red and black ribbon.


Get the children involved in preparing the food by choosing simple but appetizing dishes.


∑        Cream cheese dip (tinted with a little red colouring) with crackers or nachos.

∑        Buffalo wings with a zesty dip

∑        Curried shrimps on skewers

∑        Pizza pieces

∑        Mini burgers

∑        If you have invited guests, and need a rather more substantial meal, make a huge bowl of chilli with red and black beans and serve with baskets of crackers.


Finally, ask the children to rehearse a few, well chosen words to bring tears and laughter to this very special family occasion.